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Home Alarms Systems

In the past most security systems and burglar alarms were installed in business establishments . These systems could range from sensor, or laser type of systems to security cameras . However in recent years we have seen a rise in domestic home alarm systems being installed all across the continent. The home security system has become as equally sophisticated in design and can have as many features as a business alarm system.

There is certainly a large variety of systems available. When you are in the process of buying a home alarm system, you may have to ask your self “What type of system should I get ?”

You will be faced with a few questions in regards to buying an alarm system, such as should you choose a hard wired system or a wireless system? Which one is the best for you? And how much should you spend?

Lets take a look at some comparisons and hopefully this will give you a better idea and what you should get.

Trying to make a viable comparison between the two different types of systems based on performance and reliability is pretty difficult. The reason is that most modern systems have very advanced technology and tend to be equal in relation to reliability and performance. This is not to make a comparison between a ‘ do it your self system’ and a state of the art professional system. We are talking of comparing two systems of equal quality.

So what should you get?

It really depends on your situation. Do you rent an apartment, or do own a home?

If you live in a town house that has at least 2 floors then a hybrid system may be a very good option due to its flexibility in allowing you to add wireless contacts in the upper story windows or adding a wireless panic button for example.

If you live in a bungalow or stand alone home then you would be best advised to own your own system and have perimeter protection. This is a photo-electric device that projects an invisible beam from 80 to 500 feet. Anyone crossing the beam will trigger the alarm. These systems offer exceptional performance and are very easy to install.
If you live in a high rise condo, in which you are the owner, then you should have a “plug and play” wireless alarm system. This type of system comes with a keypad and wireless receiver and is very easy to install. This system will link to your phone line, (the only wiring involved) and will come equipped with door contacts and or motion sensors which will be wireless connections.

If you rent an apartment then the only option available would be to rent a system. Having said that, most home alarm companies do not provide service for non home owners. However it is still possible to ask your landlord to split the costs with you if he/she felt it was in their best interests to get one. If you happen to find a home security service company to furnish a rented system, make sure to look over the terms of the contract first. In most cases there will be a minimum contract term that obliges you to keep the service for a set period of time. This can be a contract for three to five years, and may come with heavy cancellation penalties if you wanted to opt out of a particular contract.

Hopefully this information will give you a better idea on what criteria to consider in relation to your particular situation when buying a home alarm system. As you can see there are quite a variety of different home security systems and configurations to look into before making a purchase. This is just a summary to give you an idea about what questions to ask. For more detailed information simply click through the many different categories and topics found on this site and you will be able to gather more specific information to help you in your quest to purchase the right home alarm security system for your needs.

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